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Richard Glover is a composer based in Huddersfield, UK.


21/1/14 Lauren Redhead is playing Organ Harmonies at two upcoming concerts, St. Margaret’s Church, Leicester on 22nd February and St Laurence Church, Catford on 15th March. 

21/1/14 Positive reviews in both TEMPO journal and Gramophone magazine of my piece Corradiation, featured on the EXAUDI disc ‘Exposure’ released last year on Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

7/1/13 US pianist R. Andrew Lee is playing both Logical Harmonies 1 & 2 at a concert in Austin, Texas on 15th February .

7/1/13 Two nice reviews of the new album, one by Brian Olewnick  at just outside, and another  for improv sphere by Julien Héraud.

27/11/13 The set ensemble will be performing my new piece ‘Progress’ at the Meantime gallery in Cheltenham from the 13-15th December.

4/11/13 There will be a launch concert for the new cds by both Bryn Harrison and me at St. Paul’s in Huddersfield on Tuesday 3 December, featuring Philip Thomas. The concerts also works as a launch for our new book, ‘overcoming form: reflections on immersive listening’.

4/11/13 Ryoko Akama and I have organised a concert for 7/11/13 at Huddersfield Uni featuring new pieces by each of us, fields have ears (7) by MIchael Pisaro and FLAT TIME (sounding) by David Toop

4/11/13 My new cd, ‘Logical Harmonies‘, has been released by another timbre. Tim Rutherford-Johnson as the Rambler wrote a nice quick note about it here

4/11/13 My chapter ‘Minimalism, Technology and Electronic Music’ has been published in the Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Postminimalist Music

30/7/13 …and on 25 July I got married to the wonderful Dr Laura Coffey-Glover!935843_10151747732453622_1367299798_n

30/7/13 Nice reviews of Mira Benjamin’s Music We’d Like To Hear concert here and here

3/6/13 Upcoming performances by Didier Aschour (guitar) and Mira Benjamin (violin) this summer

11/5/13 Nice review of the EXAUDI cd here

7/5/13 Performance of a new piece for flute and piano in Toronto by ∆TENT on Saturday 25 May in Toronto

7/5/13 Fantastic recording of my vocal piece Corradiation by EXAUDI on a new Huddersfield Contemporary Records cd

23/1/13 Plenty of performances this spring – see the performances page for details

30/11/12 Two upcoming performances: Logical Harmonies 1 played by Philip Thomas on 4 December in Firth Hall, Sheffield, and Ensemble Dedalus play my new piece Elements on diverging pitch lines on 15 December in Aubusson

8/11/12 Outstanding video of a performance of my new cello duo, given my Gregor Riddell and Torun Saeter

18/4/12 Very much looking forward to taking part in nu:nord in Montreal this July, with Ensemble Portmanto.

15/2/12 Recently returned from running the week-long sound art workshop at SONIC in the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts in Mulhouse, along with a portrait concert in Besancon on Friday 10 February.

26/11/11 There are plans for performances of Tenney’s Postal Pieces next summer, however these are tentative plans at the moment as they may instead appear at hcmf in due course.

26/11/11 I’m editing the next issue of the CeReNeM journal, which deals with the experience of temporalities in experimental and minimal musics. See here for more details

26/11/11 The Bozzini Quartet performed Seventh Inversions in hcmf on Sunday 20 November. There are future plans to work with the quartet for a portrait CD.

15/8/11 I’m presenting papers at two upcoming conferences:

WORDEVENT , 21 September, hosted by Bath Spa University

Third International Conference on Music and Minimalism at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 12-15 October

15/8/11 Currently working on new pieces for trio scordatura , Peyee Chen , Iain Harrison and Eleri Ann Evans.

15/8/11 I’ve just begun a two-year Research Fellowship at the University of Huddersfield where, amongst other subjects, I’ll be investigating a phenomenological approach to the experience of sustained tones in music

15/8/11 Having attended the Composers Kitchen with the Bozzini Quartet in Montreal earlier this year, I’m currently working on a new commission for the quartet for this year’s hcmf

in tones 2011 will take place on Sunday 3 April at the University of Huddersfield, and includes new works by Adam Jansch, Claire Singer, a piece of mine for large brass ensemble, and a glitch visual installation.

13/1/11 Currently working on two book chapter commissions:

“Minimalism and Technology” for the Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Post-Minimalist Music

“Niblock and Harmony” in a forthcoming edition on the music of Phill Niblock

- In December 2010 I gained my doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Huddersfield, with no corrections required for the thesis.


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