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Richard Glover is a composer based in Birmingham, UK.


10/8/15 I’ll be presenting my paper ‘Tuning systems as processual material’ at the biannual Minimalist Music conference at the University of Turku and University of the Arts, Helsinki.

10/8/15 On Thursday 10 September, I’ll be giving a talk at the RMA Annual Conference at the University of Birmingham on my piano pieces Logical Harmonies as part of a larger session hosted by the Music and/as Process study group.

18/7/15 I’m on a panel with Nick Williams, Jennie Gottschalk and Mira Benjamin, discussing the making, performing and experiencing of process musics, at the Music and Philosophy conference at King’s College, London.

6/6/15 Violinist Mira Benjamin and I are presenting Chords and Transformations at the Third Annual Music and/as Process Symposium at Goldsmiths. More info here

5/5/15 Erik Carlson and Karl Larson are performing Ascending Scale with Piano Accompaniment tonight at Scholes Street Studio in New York

9/12/14 Sebastian Berweck will be performing my two keyboard pieces and the two Logical Harmonies piano pieces at a concert in MerelBeke, Belgium. More info here.

18/9/14 New work with Louisa Fairclough will be presented at the Danielle Arnaud gallery this Friday 19 September until 26 October. Friday 19 will include a performance of a new piece with two choristers from Rochester Cathedral in the gallery, alongside the works; on Friday 26 Sept, Louisa and I will be giving a talk discussing the work and motivations behind it.

18/9/14 Pianist Kate Halsall is recording my piece 12-note chords for a release on the Metier label in Spring 2015.

4/6/14 I’ve been working with visual artist Louisa Fairclough to create two new works for the Whistable Biennale. Absolute Pitch is a film sculpture running for the full two weeks of the festival, and Compositions for a Low Tide  took audience members out along a spit of land surrounded by choristers form Rochester Cathedral on the late spring evening of Saturday 31 May. Having presented for Bath ICIA and at Spike Island in Bristol previously, we’re planning future installations and performances stemming from these projects.

21/1/14 Lauren Redhead is playing Organ Harmonies at two upcoming concerts, St. Margaret’s Church, Leicester on 22nd February and St Laurence Church, Catford on 15th March. 

21/1/14 Positive reviews in both TEMPO journal and Gramophone magazine of my piece Corradiation, featured on the EXAUDI disc ‘Exposure’ released last year on Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

7/1/13 US pianist R. Andrew Lee is playing both Logical Harmonies 1 & 2 at a concert in Austin, Texas on 15th February .

7/1/13 Two nice reviews of the new album, one by Brian Olewnick  at just outside, and another  for improv sphere by Julien Héraud.

27/11/13 The set ensemble will be performing my new piece ‘Progress’ at the Meantime gallery in Cheltenham from the 13-15th December.

4/11/13 There will be a launch concert for the new cds by both Bryn Harrison and me at St. Paul’s in Huddersfield on Tuesday 3 December, featuring Philip Thomas. The concerts also works as a launch for our new book, ‘overcoming form: reflections on immersive listening’.

4/11/13 Ryoko Akama and I have organised a concert for 7/11/13 at Huddersfield Uni featuring new pieces by each of us, fields have ears (7) by MIchael Pisaro and FLAT TIME (sounding) by David Toop

4/11/13 My new cd, ‘Logical Harmonies‘, has been released by another timbre. Tim Rutherford-Johnson as the Rambler wrote a nice quick note about it here

4/11/13 My chapter ‘Minimalism, Technology and Electronic Music’ has been published in the Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Postminimalist Music

30/7/13 …and on 25 July I got married to the wonderful Dr Laura Coffey-Glover!935843_10151747732453622_1367299798_n

30/7/13 Nice reviews of Mira Benjamin’s Music We’d Like To Hear concert here and here

3/6/13 Upcoming performances by Didier Aschour (guitar) and Mira Benjamin (violin) this summer

11/5/13 Nice review of the EXAUDI cd here

7/5/13 Performance of a new piece for flute and piano in Toronto by ∆TENT on Saturday 25 May in Toronto

7/5/13 Fantastic recording of my vocal piece Corradiation by EXAUDI on a new Huddersfield Contemporary Records cd

23/1/13 Plenty of performances this spring – see the performances page for details

30/11/12 Two upcoming performances: Logical Harmonies 1 played by Philip Thomas on 4 December in Firth Hall, Sheffield, and Ensemble Dedalus play my new piece Elements on diverging pitch lines on 15 December in Aubusson

8/11/12 Outstanding video of a performance of my new cello duo, given my Gregor Riddell and Torun Saeter

18/4/12 Very much looking forward to taking part in nu:nord in Montreal this July, with Ensemble Portmanto.

15/2/12 Recently returned from running the week-long sound art workshop at SONIC in the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts in Mulhouse, along with a portrait concert in Besancon on Friday 10 February.

26/11/11 There are plans for performances of Tenney’s Postal Pieces next summer, however these are tentative plans at the moment as they may instead appear at hcmf in due course.

26/11/11 I’m editing the next issue of the CeReNeM journal, which deals with the experience of temporalities in experimental and minimal musics. See here for more details

26/11/11 The Bozzini Quartet performed Seventh Inversions in hcmf on Sunday 20 November. There are future plans to work with the quartet for a portrait CD.

15/8/11 I’m presenting papers at two upcoming conferences:

WORDEVENT , 21 September, hosted by Bath Spa University

Third International Conference on Music and Minimalism at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 12-15 October

15/8/11 Currently working on new pieces for trio scordatura , Peyee Chen , Iain Harrison and Eleri Ann Evans.

15/8/11 I’ve just begun a two-year Research Fellowship at the University of Huddersfield where, amongst other subjects, I’ll be investigating a phenomenological approach to the experience of sustained tones in music

15/8/11 Having attended the Composers Kitchen with the Bozzini Quartet in Montreal earlier this year, I’m currently working on a new commission for the quartet for this year’s hcmf

– in tones 2011 will take place on Sunday 3 April at the University of Huddersfield, and includes new works by Adam Jansch, Claire Singer, a piece of mine for large brass ensemble, and a glitch visual installation.

13/1/11 Currently working on two book chapter commissions:

“Minimalism and Technology” for the Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Post-Minimalist Music

“Niblock and Harmony” in a forthcoming edition on the music of Phill Niblock

– In December 2010 I gained my doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Huddersfield, with no corrections required for the thesis.


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