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Richard Glover is a composer based in Birmingham, UK.


5/1/16 Dean Rosenthal has published an article for the ear reader on catalogue process pieces, which includes discussion of my piano piece Logical Harmonies (1)

5/10/15 My cello Duo will be performed by Tre Voci at the 840 concert series, St James’, Islington on 12/10/15

10/8/15 I’ll be presenting my paper ‘Tuning systems as processual material’ at the biannual Minimalist Music conference at the University of Turku and University of the Arts, Helsinki.

10/8/15 On Thursday 10 September, I’ll be giving a talk at the RMA Annual Conference at the University of Birmingham on my piano pieces Logical Harmonies as part of a larger session hosted by the Music and/as Process study group.

18/7/15 I’m on a panel with Nick Williams, Jennie Gottschalk and Mira Benjamin, discussing the making, performing and experiencing of process musics, at the Music and Philosophy conference at King’s College, London.

6/6/15 Violinist Mira Benjamin and I are presenting Chords and Transformations at the Third Annual Music and/as Process Symposium at Goldsmiths. More info here

5/5/15 Erik Carlson and Karl Larson are performing Ascending Scale with Piano Accompaniment tonight at Scholes Street Studio in New York

9/12/14 Sebastian Berweck will be performing my two keyboard pieces and the two Logical Harmonies piano pieces at a concert in MerelBeke, Belgium. More info here.

18/9/14 New work with Louisa Fairclough will be presented at the Danielle Arnaud gallery this Friday 19 September until 26 October. Friday 19 will include a performance of a new piece with two choristers from Rochester Cathedral in the gallery, alongside the works; on Friday 26 Sept, Louisa and I will be giving a talk discussing the work and motivations behind it.

18/9/14 Pianist Kate Halsall is recording my piece 12-note chords for a release on the Metier label in Spring 2015.

4/6/14 I’ve been working with visual artist Louisa Fairclough to create two new works for the Whistable Biennale. Absolute Pitch is a film sculpture running for the full two weeks of the festival, and Compositions for a Low Tide  took audience members out along a spit of land surrounded by choristers form Rochester Cathedral on the late spring evening of Saturday 31 May. Having presented for Bath ICIA and at Spike Island in Bristol previously, we’re planning future installations and performances stemming from these projects.

21/1/14 Lauren Redhead is playing Organ Harmonies at two upcoming concerts, St. Margaret’s Church, Leicester on 22nd February and St Laurence Church, Catford on 15th March. 

21/1/14 Positive reviews in both TEMPO journal and Gramophone magazine of my piece Corradiation, featured on the EXAUDI disc ‘Exposure’ released last year on Huddersfield Contemporary Records.